Take me away

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American Apparel bodysuit, Marc by Marc Jacobs boots, Forever 21 hat and necklace.

We took these a couple weeks ago but they seem more relevant to how I feel now…weird weekend in a big bad way.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Ginsberg snippets:

“Angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night…”

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  1. >Love the look….so much that I wore something just like it back in August….I love that bodysuit…gives off a sexy vibe 😉

  2. >these pics are amazing!! mj boots on sand and sheer is totally RUMI-fied. every time i see sheer or platforms i think of u! and my little sister who is 8 loves your new header pic! she’s in love with your chloe docs!!!!

  3. >these have a different quality than most of your boyfriend’s photographs. i like it.love the shoes, and the ginsberg quote.

  4. >Hope your weekend gets better. I’m in the middle of a move, between the stress and the dust, I now am sick! 🙁 Hope you’re not feeling THIS bad.. :(Love the shoes, as always (: !xo/ fashion chalet

  5. >Your waist is lika WOHAAA. Im so so so jealous. Please tell us how you train. Healthy skinnyness is so hot!//Fanny 🙂

  6. >wow..nice. I love the sheerness of your bodysuit. i wish i had the guts to wear something like thatthe shoes are amazing

  7. >i love the new header! its amazing sideways ahah 🙂 ohhhh and you like allen ginsberg? he is crazy cool, do you know that rumi is the name of a famous poet too?? my parents used to read some of him to mexxx

  8. >wow 0 comments how unusual! i love your blog! i’m from portugal, and i think it’s great that you’ve conquered this side of the ocean! i visit your page daily (sometimes more than once), always looking for some new outfits or updates on your shop, so it was great seeing you at teenvogue’s website as well as at who what wear.com (among others)! congrats and lots of success for your blog and life!

  9. >i hope you well. i have a shitty weekend and shitty week behind me too. really wish you well <3 and that outfit is nice, i love the mood in it, you know, like you are this inocent girl, thinking of the world, and you just wanna go, fly away somewhere..like a butterfly

  10. >I cannot find a way to describe itIt’s there insideAll I do is hideI wish that it would just go awayWhat would you doYou do if you knewWhat would you do?All the painI thought I knewAll the thoughts lead back to youBack to whatWas never saidBack and forthInside my headI can’t handle this confusionI’m unable come and take me awayI feel like I’m all aloneAll by myself I need to get around thisMy words are coldI don’t want them to hurt youIf I show youI don’t think you’d understand’Cause no one understandsI’m going nowhere on and on andI’m getting nowhere on and on and on(take me away)I’m going nowhere on and on and off and on and off and onTake me awayBreak me awayTake me away

  11. >Aww Rumi don’t be sad, hope you feel well soon,the pics are great and you are beautiful.kiss kiss kiss.!!:)

  12. >i love that bodysuit on you, your lucky yo have such a tiny waist to pull it off.:)i hope everything gets back to normal again soon. sorry to hear your having a crappy day/weekend.:( and i hope it’s nothing serious.

  13. >oooh, that’s something I think you could rock..lean and light washed skinny ripped jeans. With all your darker tops, they’d be a good contrast!

  14. >Rumi you fox! I need that bodysuit.I saw you on Fashion TV at the Alex Wang show with Erin. Sweet!Love from Dublin.

  15. >Hey Rumi! I stumbled across your blog today and spent a couple of hours poring over your older posts.I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your style. You’re such a gorgeous girl! Just a question, what skincare regime do you follow? What do you use? You have the most perfect skin.

  16. >rumi, you look great as always. you gotta look like you though to look that great in that kinda style you know 😉 I have a question. those MJ boots with the buckle, how do they run? I’m a 37/37 or US 7/7.5… thanks!

  17. >wow, you really look like a model .Really nice pictures! Do you shoot your pictures with a proffessional? I like your blog 🙂

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