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Thrifted tank thing, Erin Wasson x RVCA shirt, Forever 21 necklace, Aldo peep toe boots.

I was in a uhh weird mood today..I cooped myself up in the house to get a bunch of work done, aside from a trip to Target where I accidentally spent $100..DAMNIT. I mean I needed the Sex and the City the Movie DVD but I’m thinking the Jemma Kidd makeup was a little extraneous.

This tank dress is probably the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen. I am therefore in love with it. It actually isn’t even a dress, it’s a men’s wifebeater for god’s sakes. Hanes. I found it at a Salvation Army in LA and since I’m too lazy to DIY 99% of the time I figured I would just reap the rewards of someone else’s little tie dye experiment.

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  1. >Wow that looks really great as a dress,its so bad its good. You look absolutely wonderful as usual. xxx

  2. >Who would have thought it was a mens beater? It seriously looks like a dress. I really need to see SATC too, like asap, I feel quite left out.And your below piks… so awesome, the “office” how cool is that? You all looked great, love your hat, and I think you need to force kristin into making a blog because she seems pretty cool!

  3. >haha….is it a good thing that you can pull off a horrible men’s wifebeater? Looks very…. arty!

  4. >it doesn’t even look like a men’s wifebeater! it looks like a dress. and it is amazing. is it wrong if i don’t think it looks horrible? maybe that’s why my mom thinks my tie dye dress is the riskiest thing i own. and that no one in their right mind would wear it. i always thought it was relatively safe. hah.

  5. >omg,everytime i go to target i spend atleast a 100..on random crap! but i too ventured out on tuesday to purchase the satc dvd..aaaaaaaah i need more people like you in my life who appreciate the same htings as me! whenever you happen to be in LA, and wanna have lunch, let me know!! xo

  6. >yeah, i am going to london, i will spend much time there coss my american bf lives there now. he was just visiting here,pics in my blog :)i love that dress! i found in summer this shop called indiska the samekind, but no sizes.

  7. >Hello!I love the tank dress- the colours.all!but if you still love/hate tie.dye- i did that with tea.. it’s up in my shop..

  8. >Umm, I happen to think it’s adorable. G-double-O-D-E-Y-E, good eye, good eye, good eye! Sorry, I was going to tell you you have such a great eye for quirky pieces and was reminded of my little league days when people would chant that when you didn’t swing for a bad pitch. Bye.

  9. >Purple and blue tiedye = niceynice. Having a fantastic thrift-eye is just as great a skill as DIYing anyway!

  10. >I think it’s maybe THE BEST of your outfits, ever. on the other hand it’s about 1 pm and i’m already drinking, might be the boose, but BRILLIANT! more of this please

  11. >I think it compliments your skin tone very well. But honestly NO ONE CAN GET AWAY WITH THAT BUT YOU! I know it does not match, that black shirt and tie dye, but you make it work.And that is what personal fashion is about, Go Rumi

  12. >I love your tank dress! I actually went ‘wow’ when I saw it. I think it’s because I have a secret crush on tie-dye…

  13. >Hello!I need an advice fashion! I bought these shoes that what is of what you thinks of it? are they pretty ?With what I can wear them?a french fan (l)

  14. >Hello!I need an advice fashion! I bought these shoes that what is of what you thinks of it? are they pretty ?With what I can wear them?a french fan (l)

  15. >Def dosnt look like a men;s wife beater,…yesss I bought the dvd when it came out…Tues morning just before class (special at HMV for its new release)

  16. >Love the tie-die dress a.k.a the wifebeater :)And how cool is the ramp at the RVCA offices (last post)!!! Wish my office was that cool.

  17. >random question for rumi or any of the stylish gals on here…where can I get the wasson for rvca clothes? I LOVE that blazer and this blouse you’re wearing but can’t figure out where to buy it? It is out there yet? Unfortunately, I’m not cool enough to be BFFs with her like you!

  18. >I’m really interested in what you do and the many facets of fashion that you are involved in.really inspiring and would love a chat. or words of wisdom.badass.stefania

  19. >I really want that Erin Wasson shirt, it’s so cool. I like how you paired it with the tie-dyed beater! :)xo/ fashion chalet

  20. >do you really wear half your outfits out? Sure there cute but 90% of them are so short they look like your ass would me almost hanging out.

  21. >Tie dye……still tryna figure that out. Accidently spent $100, huh? lol. You look great anyway.Greeting from New York.

  22. >I swiped some of that Jemma Kidd liquid eyeliner on my hand to try it out, was so tempted, but put it down. The stuff was still on my hand a day layer after showers and many handwashings. Reallllly want to go back for it now, but I’ve noticed the displays are pretty cleaned out when I pass them, hopefully they’ll restock my way!Tie-dye… I used to think never again (it was a summer camp thing back then), even when Prada and others were doing dip dyes… but it’s starting to grab a bit of my attention again, some-way-some-how.

  23. >Normally I don’t really like dyed clothes..but this dress looks great on you, as everything else, but still 😉

  24. >Tie-dye can be terrible sometimes I think too, but this isn’t, especially how you’ve paired it with that great shirt. Looking great as usual!

  25. >rumi!! i have a question about your jeffrey campbell shoes – i wanted to buy them online and was wondering what size i should get?im usually a 6.5 but i remember you mentioning that they run a little big…?

  26. >actually, i really like this! i will always have a soft spot for tie-dye – call me nostalgic, but did no one else love doing that to bandannas at camp?

  27. >I totally did the same thing today. Walked into Target to look at a jacket. Ended up with two dresses, a cardigan, two skirts and the aforementioned jacket…haha…My wallet is crying right now…I don’t think you can ever leave Target with just one thing.

  28. >Only you could pull this off. 🙂 Love it. By the way, nice find with the Aldo boots…I haven’t seen them in the Seattle locations yet, but might have to get them once I do. 🙂

  29. >Haha, I LOVE this look! Crazy and quirky but not too over-the-top, if you don’t mind me saying. And you’ve inspired me to go trawl through the racks of my local 2nd hand store.

  30. >hi there! im from argentina, in south america. just wanted to let you know i visit your blog daily, i’m totally addicted to it! 😛 haha sounds funny when put on words!lots of love from down south!xx, flor

  31. >hooow do you afford this stuff?whats your job?you should do a little “about me” entry hahaaaaasearisouly though

  32. >One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I swear. It looks good on you. And do I love the large arm holes…;)

  33. >Well! I think it is a radical dress! You look super hot.Actually last year my friend and I stumbled across these hideous green purple blue tie dye dresses, the neckline was right up to the chin, and the length was to the floor. So we chopped them into tank dresses, but they still look pretty ugly. Your one absolutely rocks, I wish I had stumbled on that instead!!

  34. >haha love youre day. sounds like something i would do. but i can never take a trip to target and not spend more than $50 bucks when I only needed like a tshirt or something. love the erin wasson shirt and the jemma kidd line. what did u buy from the make up?xxo

  35. >Jajajaj, fascinante. De hecho has dado en la tecla! El batik, o desteñido, (lamentablemente) es el must have de este encanta tu blog!

  36. >Both those shirts are so crazy separately that they work perfectly together.Btw, I saw those Aldo shoes in the store yesterday and immediately thought of you!