Melt my heart

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Total shoe porn via Jak and Jil – Cecilia Dean in Louboutin for Rodarte and Emmanuelle Alt in Alaia. Must try cuffed skinny black pants with my craziest heels.

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  1. >those Rodartes are AMAZING in “real life” photography, and look so wearable. You’d have to be careful when dancing, though…

  2. >Those louboutin spikes would have been almost right, if it was not for the death-dealing spikes at the top of the shoe. It would hurt small animals for sure, and you better not fall and bust your azz wearing those either! LOL

  3. >yep. these shoes are TO DIE for…lol. i guess they hurt ur feet?? the ones with the elastic. if they dnt hurt,they dnt look good. fab!