Cold waters

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American Apparel mesh bodysuit, Erin Wasson x RVCA tank, vintage skirt, secondhand shirt.

My interpretation of one of Alexander Wang’s runway looks, which inspired me to unsurface my favorite geeky dad/science teacher shirt and pair it with one of my latest vintage acquisitions. My favorite thing about the skirt is that I could totally put cash in the pockets and not lose it, how novel! It was about as cold as it appears to be in the photos, but that didn’t stop me from splashing around like an idiot and tracking sand all over my car…again. This is hardly impressive considering I swam these waters at night on the way home from a bar one crazy college night. I’m pretty sure I was cooler back then.

Caroline of Pensare Ancora sent me this dripping-in-chains necklace that I’ve been meaning to wear for a while now – it’s raw, almost industrial aesthetic is quite pleasing to me. Thanks Caroline 😉

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  1. >I really like the outfit.. it does look rather cold too, I dont know how you can survive while wearing so little.. Id be frozen.. to death.. I also love the necklace!

  2. >i’m just wondering.. I know its great and exciting about the whole being famous thing. but now that you are more recognized, do you feel pressured at all? in the past i’m sure you set up this blog for fun and for your own amusement.. but now thousands of people view it every day. anyway, if anything.. don’t let the fame and pressure get to you. you won’t right? because that’s what makes you different. keep it up =)x

  3. >I really love the skirt and the necklace, and of course the erin wasson RVCA tank. You look absolutely wonderful in the first picture, and you know what they say ‘pain for beauty’ 🙂

  4. >Hi Rumi! I love the leather for this winter!I looked your photos and i saw you with erin wasson! it’s fantastic! sorry for my english!:)one kiss!

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  6. >Why can’t I see the pictures on your blog anymore ? With Firefox I can’t see anything, and with Internet Explorer, maybe one of five pictures ! I’m terribly frustrated ! Maybe you know the answer ? Thanks a lot …

  7. >I am devastated that I only NOW just stumbled across your site – I can’t believe what I have been missing! I think I spent the whole 8 hours of work yesterday reading your blog! I am truly obsessed with your style – something that I most likely would never be able to pull off, but what I am constantly aspiring to be capable of 🙂 Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  8. >i adore everything about this outfit, but i’m especially dying for that erin wasson x rvca tank. when are they due out again? 🙂

  9. >I really love the way you mix your clothes!love your blog!I saw you on elle spain!congratulations!do you want to change links?xxx

  10. >Gorgeous oufit as always Rumi :)I don’t know if you know but your on the uk elle magazine website in the steet style section, of you at New york Fashion week 🙂 xx

  11. >That skirt is super-duper fabulous! I’m sure the rest of the outfit is awesome too, but I just can’t keep my eyes off that skirt!