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(Erin Wasson x RVCA top, vintage shorts, ChloΓ© boots, vintage Chanel backpack)

Before I get pounced on for wearing boots near sand, let me just say that living by the beach, you gotta get your designer shoe time in when you can. I only do the flip flop thing when I’m planning on thrashing around directly into the sand, and even then it’s probably a studded sandal actually.

I totally caved and Yooxed these Chloe ankle boots, mostly because my red ones are pretty much my favorite thing that I own. It seems this style is even more noteworthy to the public than the others though, a drunkard from the second story of a bar yelled down “SWEET BOOTS”, and seconds later the sentiment was echoed by a housewife-ish lady and a cracked out nomad-looking dude that seemed to be having trouble focusing. So glad I have Colin around sometimes.


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  1. >i love this entire are doing a top notch top of selling the erin wasson x RVCA stuff. i can’t WAIT to get my hands on it. love the studs on the shorts too. just inspired me to diy πŸ™‚

  2. >hahah!! That druken guy actually read my mind!! i love the whole outfit u look amazing as always! im so jealous u have the RVCA collection! But anyways u look amazing in them! .. oh n love love love the studs on ur shorts!!:D

  3. >yeah, I prefer the black. It’s not so out there contrary to what you experienced. lol. And those shorts. Shees, where did you find them? they are so cool. Exactly like the ones seen on Lou Doillon or was it Erin wasson. can’t remember.

  4. >yeah, don’t you feel uncomfortable with the attention you get sometimes? I can imagine feeling better with your bf around. lol. Amazing outfit though I still don’t think I would wear those Chloes.

  5. >Ha! You’re at La Jolla Shores, right!? Because I thought I saw you! My dad was driving, and I’m like “That’s rumi!!!” And he’s like who’s that. And I’m like “the coolest blogger in the world!” Sorry. Just wanted to say that. From a person who lives in La Jolla.

  6. >baby girl i don’t know how you pull off the shortest skirts/shorts possible, but you definately do. and I love clothing related comments from strangers. My metallic pink flats brought some crazy mohawk wearing trenchcoated 30-something to walk by me on the steps, go “shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees” and point in the most monotone way imaginable. What did he mean? its hard to say.

  7. >heyy darling,um wow- amazing, i love the black ones a lot. oh yeah, i got a package in the mail today, and it was those emma cook boots, but i got them in black, and now i want them in that color you have them it green? because the ones they have online are khaki?xxx

  8. >a drunkard from the second story of a bar yelled down “SWEET BOOTS”LOL. Well, they are pretty sweet! xxxo/ fashion chalet

  9. >I definately am anti-flip flop as well. Great boots and top! I like how everyone in the comments is guessing where this was taken, I'm guessing Mission Beach because of the 8mph signs. Regardless, I love the look. <3

  10. >in town for street scene rumi? if so, let’s have some chimay and talk about the awesomeness of stripper heels!

  11. >I like the black ones more than the red ones. But this outft is just amazing, can’t wait for the RCVA Collection so long. Maybe you know if it’s possible to get the stuff from germany too?

  12. >No you didn’t! HahaI don’t like them as much as the red chloes, a little too alice delal for me…Also noted how you don’t wear as many bangles anymore and you’ve now stuck to the one rayban sunglases?Maybe more shots of the shoes will have me turned πŸ™‚

  13. >Just out of curiosity, do you wax or shave? you must spend a fortune if you wax for all the short things you wear!Just saying…awesome outfit though

  14. >dude! i don’t know if you know this, or watch FTv but you were totally on it for the alexander wang’s NY show. It wasnt a “blink-and-miss” thing. i think you had more coverage than alex himself! when i saw it i was like “it’s rumi!!”

  15. >Rumi, where are your balenciagas? have you sold them? i miss seeing you rock them!You got some cool shit for clothes you know! πŸ™‚

  16. >The studded shorts are great.I was thinking of putting some studds on the knees of my short since i saw it on cory look so big in these shoes πŸ˜€

  17. >I prefer the black to the red chloe’s.. theyre just more versatile. Love your studded shorts too. I wish I could wear boots here! [I live by the beach] But here, that would really be wierd, because I live on a small island. Im pretty much barefoot all the time. =)

  18. >u must have A.D.D or something 'cuz u r so random…& really keep C as a bf but for GOD's sake get a real photog….u r only going to have this look once so do it right.

  19. >ohh i know! they are so so comfortable! i loveee them. and again you look so amazing in those chloes, i bet most people think you are a model, no? you look like one. oh and i loveee that you keep everything so grungy, oh man you know ijust love your

  20. >You have the best blog ! I just love ur look, it’s perfect. Even I wouldn’t feel goood in those clothes but you are so found your style! Love your look so much!!

  21. >oh pacific beach… my friends and I (los angelenos) are very much familiar of the quizzical looks that people give of our apparel choices. Mind you, its usually the most simple of outfits i.e black sequin mini and white tank top with big arm holes

  22. >I think I prefer the red ones, but the black are good too.Am I the only one who noticed that in the second pic, the man/woman(can’t really tell) is looking at your shoes? πŸ˜›

  23. >goood god those boots are gorgeous! i can totally die to own one of those!! anyway serious business here, CAN YOU SELL ME YOUR CHANEL HANDBAG even tho its not authentic i still luvvv it!!!!

  24. >Thanks for your lovely comments ! That RVCA top is to die for, and your studded shorts as well πŸ˜€ Perfect outfit Rumi !

  25. >ha, lovely shoes!and some much better than the real doc martens that inspired, interrupting with some theory:guys calling after you in the street don’t mean this as a compliment. it also has nothing to do with what you’re wearing. it’s more about them showing they can judge you, even when they’re just sorry-ass drunkards.this is about power, really.just watch how quickly those “compliments” turn into aggression when you make it clear you’re not interested in those people’s opinion.the bad feeling you have when someone yells or whistles after you or whispers “heeeello!” isn’t there for nothing. this phenomenon has a’s called street harassment.this is also a way of society to keep women down, and in check.and, erm, sorry for my english today.