back in jeans

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(American Apparel beanie, Forever 21 top,  Blue Notch jeans,  Chloé wedges, vintage metal mesh bag, spiky cuff from some random street vendor in New York)

It’s been feeling a bit more autumnal the past week or so. By that, I mean I can’t wear tiny shorts and skirts at night bare-legged without dying a little bit. Enter beanie and (gasp) jeans.

Some readers have commented that I never wear jeans. Reason 1 being they are my least favorite thing to wear when it’s hot out, which it has been for the past six months or so. And honestly, I have a hard time finding denim that I like because it’s always overwhelming to the point of being boring to contemplate all the options that are out there these days. But Sun at Blue Notch was nice enough to send me over these perfectly skinny jeans and I’m back to loving pants again..the piercing detail on the pockets is kind of right up my alley too. Check out their f/w lookbook to get a peek at what look to be the holy grail of leather skinnies.

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  1. >o my god..!so higt shoes..!really nike the jeans…!i love jeans i abandoned its sometimes for dress..but its always beautiful!

  2. >Its soo weird not to see you in a mini skirt/dress, but those jeans are great. im looking for the perfect blue jean, but can’t seem to find them :(.

  3. >first comment on your blog, you’re lovely as usual…love the wedges…love the style…see ya…love from france!

  4. >Its really refreshing to see you in jeans, and those boots really still are doing it for me. I wish I could get away with wearing those around here. I love the androgenous vibe of the whole

  5. >you do look so natural in jeans! but i know in socal, it’s way too hot for them, if you spend any time outside. gosh, i remember growing up, i hardly ever wore them, and i only had super light jackets for my ‘winter coat.’i have one pair of jeans that i like… it is overwhelming with all the cuts and washes… i basically have to have someone just pick one for me. unfortunately that doesn’t work so well either.oh well.;)

  6. >Wonderful shoes, you are so brave to wear them I don’t know how I would walk!Lovely Lovely absolutely Lovelyxxx

  7. >well Rumi, if I had your awesome legs I’d be wearing skirts all the time too…I wish I could bust those boots all day long but my feet die! How tall are you BTW??

  8. >i’m not into your more recent style.i can’t relate to it so maybe that’s why im not digging it. but i gotta admit– you do look great. i just miss the more unique stuff you used to wear.

  9. >i feel like you came back from NY looking harder. I love it. That happens to me when I go to NY at least, and I think it makes me a better person haha

  10. >I’ve got the same feeling about jeans. I do wear them but not that much because I’m quickly bored with them. But you rock these skinnies for sure!

  11. >very alexander wang-esque. i love it!i’m not a big jeans person either, but at least you have the long legs to pull off skinny jeans! xoxo

  12. >I think its funnny how you’ve come up with these reasons for the way you’re dressed when really youre just channelling and trying to promote a pair of jeans! Im pretty sure you’d be back to your teeny shorts cold or no cold. Not being mean, just be honest okay?

  13. >Your jeans paired with those shoes makes your legs look…fat. Although I’m sure they really are not.I’m looking forward to seeing your “colder weather” outfits – maybe then you’ll come up with something new.

  14. >I love love love the skinnies….been looking for a pair myself and so confusing with so many out there…thanks as always for showing us da best!

  15. >I enjoy your blog, but i find that these hidden advertisements you’ve been posting are kind of silly. I mean, there isn’t any shame in getting free shit or getting paid on the side but just be totally open about it and don’t act like they are the the holy grail of jeans. -Jen

  16. >My #1 reason for you not wearing jeans would be because of how perfectly scuplted your legs are! Great blog, and outfit!

  17. >please let me know where you bought your Chloé wedges, i die! They’re so hot. I can’t find them anywhere and they are the hottest wedges ever and perfect for the fall.Please tell me, I seriously will die if I can’t have them. haha

  18. >re Anon 4:04, her legs do NOT look fat! I’m sorry, but I think your standards are a bit skewed. Also, I’m so wanting a beanie like that! I also like the one Heidi from The Hills was wearing last week (don’t know if you happened to see it). Do you own any of those? If so, I’d love to see you wear it.

  19. >I love those Blue Notch jeans. is having a sample sale on them tomorrow. They have huge sales and a blog I am addicted to.