A day in the life

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Nothing like a day screwing around with these maniacs. I drove over to Costa Mesa (note: driving in ass-short leather skirt is just as awkward as one would imagine) to meet up with Kristin and Teen Vogue’s Andrew at the RVCA headquarters and take a look at where it all goes down. I met a bunch of people, drank trial sized Vitamin Water, and got to peer at unseen pieces from Erin’s line.

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Isn’t every office similarly equipped?

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A corner we didn’t sit in.

I had no idea that RVCA was involved with so many rad artists, in addition to publishing ANP, a quarterly magazine dedicated to art. Here are my favorites, but check them all out here:

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Andrew drove us over to a Cuban restaurant in his classy town car to meet up with PM and the mildly insane Tim Hendricks where we chatted about tapeworms and chest hair over plantains. This was, of course, followed by an excursion into sneakerhead-topia. I proceeded to fondle the large-ish selection of Comme des Garcons wallets and make a scene with my beloved Andrew.

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I think we were actually having that much fun. We all opted out of group sangria but you wouldn’t know it.

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RVCA founder PM, me, Tim. We are doing really awesome things with our hands, no?

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Kristin found these rusty barrels for me..she knows I like decrepit things. Awww.

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Telling Kristin what’s up.

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Teaching them how to pose like a blogger. It is, after all, a fine art.

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Oops..except you’re not supposed to smile.

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A tiny glimpse of Andrew’s DOLLY PARTON TSHIRT. Apparently he and Erin had the honor of meeting her this week..I can’t decide whether I’m jealous or not. In the back, it reads “Dolly Parton forever“. That’s all.

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Then it was time for accessory show-and-tell in the backseat. I immediately whipped out my fingerless lace gloves.

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I wanted to steal all of her rings. Especially the one that looks like it should belong to Shredder. Oh, and since I always receive a weird amount of questions about nail polish, I’m wearing “You don’t know Jacques” by OPI, which I spotted on Garance when we met up in New York. Apparently Kate Lanphear asked her about it too..just saying. Anyway, read her hilarious tale about it here.

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Her nonchalant face. People asked for more Kristin so I tried extra hard to document her, as difficult as she made sure to make it.

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Warehouse pictures are never too exciting. But warehouses themselves are.

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Andrew likes them too.

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The end…thank you to all of the above, and for the phone call on the way home 😉

PS for more randomness and weird factoids about me, check out Miss at la Playa’s Fantastic Four Feature.

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  1. >RUMI! OMG YOU’RE AT THE LAB AND I LIVE LIKE 15 MINUTES AWAY!!Gosh, I’m in school tomorrow which is right down the street (Orange Coast College). Let me know if you wanna get lunch!

  2. >you should smile more frequently on your pictures! You look great :)Thanks a lot for posting the link, you’re the best! :* kisses

  3. >the shot of you and andrw infront ofhte sneaker refrigerators is the best! you really have become a blogging god! hahahha xo

  4. >omg your life is so intresting haha and that skirt is not awkward at all- it looks so great on you and those shoes are also just amazing, both of which would and could only be pulled off by you.

  5. >Very 90’s, I love this look on your Rumi. Who is Kristin? I really like her Shredder ring, too. :)xo/ fashion chalet

  6. >How did you achieve all this?Your life is a dream, isn’t it?Love the skirt btw!Ps: Maybe you want to give some “tips” for becoming a “famous blog star”, lol

  7. >hi rumiyou really have an inspiring style and I really like all of cour otufits…. and you probably get thousand of those comments everyday…cheers!

  8. >that leather skirt is to die for. seriously, and your shoes are HOT.and I linked you due to your general awesomeness. hope you don’t mind!!

  9. >rvca is the sickest brand out there, seriously.i have like 10 guys shirts with that kind of artwork on themrumi you look like a hella hip kidd with that beanie on, so raddddx

  10. >ha ha i know everyone keeps saying this but u were at the LAB!! ORANGE COUNTY WHHAAAAAT !! ha ha just showin some west coast love:) great stylle as usual, u hit it right on the head.. lol.. i love ur blog too, stephanieeee

  11. >i agree, RVCA is THE sickest brand. i'm pretty sure they still sponser my favoritest longboarder Alex Knost. and they just picked up my two friends Nainoa & Makana. i'm trying to imagine you taking on the vert with those chloe boots.

  12. >I would love to work in an office like that, not to mention erin wasson being my manager!! oh and u look gorgeous!! Love kristins rings!! amazinng!! xx-Style Express

  13. >So how many more pieces are there in Erin’s line we have not seen yet??? TELL US!And who makes the blonde teen vogue girl’s leather jacket and dress?

  14. >hahaha so awesome!i was at the LAB just last night for dinner at the gypsy den..and to the poster above ‘styleexpress’…how awesome it would be to have MODEL muses like ERIN as managers… the riders/celebs/models that collab on these lines typically show up at the offices once every 3-4 months to discuss their designs for each season. WE WISH they came in more =)!!! rock on rumi

  15. >Oh, that’s nuts! I got a manicure about a week and a half ago (the second one of my whole life, the first having been in junior high for a friend’s birthday party), and I picked You Don’t Know Jacques! Still on, too. Manicures are pretty amazing that way. It’s weird that this is the first time I’ve commented here and chose this topic. And that I used two exclamation points. Alrighty. Pointless comment over.

  16. >hmmm, are u so busy cos u didnt comment that award thing i gave u at all???well good for u, you look fab and have new fab life with nice friends. you seem happy. and i want those lace hand things and your leather skirt!

  17. >thanks <3 come and visit more often 🙂 your words was so nice. i reached sunit yesterday on the phone, and i am going to england in 2.10.to visit him SHOPPING!!!!!! you are really kind soul 🙂

  18. >FYI – if you want more of those beanie hats, they have them in 2 different shades of grey and black for only $4.90 in the mens section at h&m right now.

  19. >what do you do?and , any idea where i can find the chloe shoes? im sadly failing at my mish to finding them …xx