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Whew. Here’s a little tease of what’s available in the store, 20 items were listed tonight and many more on the way over the next few days!

ETA: I’ve received a lot of messages asking if I ship internationally, and yes I definitely do!

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. >Fashion Toast has grown soooo much, I remember finding you on stylediary and you use to sell 1970ish vintage neon dresses before…and now your rawking nerd glasses and modeling in docs?! OMG. And I love how the white backhground. Your seriously kawaii girl!Tart

  2. >hi! where did you get that white tank top with the pocket and the glasses you’re wearing with them? they’re both amazing!

  3. >I almost started hyperventilating when I saw the blue sequin dress. So goddamn good. You always have the luck with the navy blazers, don’t you?

  4. >i love this post just because im dying to see those chloes in more outfits. they are so those shoes you just love to see used in different ways cause they seem like theyd be so hard to match at first.

  5. >i really like those red shorts..there really cute. I just bought a pair of longer shorts from this site called shopgoldyn..its a really great place to find great clothing!

  6. >Thanks for checking it out everyone!Paristarts lol WHOA Stylediary..haven’t been on there in ages. Yay backdrop!Anthonia, the white tank is by Kain, available at revolveclothing, the glasses vintage :)Anon 735 I do ship to Sweden! $13 for first class shipping and $25 for Priority.Runaway…mmm yes the top is gorgeous, I lovvve it.Anon 304 I’m 5’7″Flashykawaii haha my boyfriend can’t take me seriously in them at all either.Polkadotqueen…A LOT.