end of the earth

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My boyfriend’s grandmother has this huge sprawling ranch right on the Mexican border that was just begging for some vintage to be shot there. Casually strewn about in one corner is everything from old mailboxes and mattresses to dusty spice jars and once-loved bits of children’s playgrounds. All that’s audible there is the sound of horses trotting and whinnying and roosters crying, which combined with the murkily overcast, humid day created a rather surreal environment. We normally try to avoid taking photos on cloudy days since it can be difficult, but I think the way these came out suits the environment pretty well. Look for some sweet jumpsuits and hot body con dresses in store this week.

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  1. >Love the picture where you are acting “mean” hahaha, it’s cool to see you do different things like that, it just gives it an “extra touch”… great pics, congrats to the model and the photographer!

  2. >Great location and awesome outfits – the first picture of the bodycon dress and the last one with the batwing sleeves are so stunning.

  3. >Ha! I’ve just notice : the way you are holding the silver bag in some of the pics, makes it look like a gun! that’s funny!…. it kind of goes with the environment… that makes the pictures even more cool!

  4. >LOOOVE the lame tank – looks great on you. I love the black dress as well! I have that kain shirt in the short sleeved version – love it

  5. >i love those dollhouse shoes! and i’ve been wanting a jumpsuit for awhile now.. looking forward to checking out the store…

  6. >those pipe-like things! they’re kinda cute, in a i-want-them-as-decor way. you look really nice in these and you smiled!

  7. >The jumpsuit reminds me of one that Cory Kennedy wore. Though, CK can be a bit… messy and that’s not necessarily always appealing. You make it look better, by far.PS. Love the mean face!

  8. >wow these photoshoots just keep getting better and better. i love how you can take simple pieces and put them together in such an interesting way. love that black dress with the big sleeves! and the pic where you’re smiling!!

  9. >the pictures just keep on getting more mind blowing every time!!!that location is so bizarre and amazing.

  10. >rummmiiiiii love those black and white laceup shoes, i have them too ๐Ÿ™‚ you look stunning in that dress….and the place where you took the pictures is slightly creepy, no? but i like it, you find the best placesxxxxxx

  11. >You, my dear, and your blog are exquisite. How have I never come across your site before? I must be living under a blog-rock.Would you like to swap links? (Say yes.)www.sottoboutique.blogspot.comxoxo,SOTTO

  12. >hahaha so it felt like the end of the world(as we know it) heh. good times. You and your bf seem precious, how did you guys meet? I want to meet a boy like that! :Dannnnnd you smile! gorgeous!!!

  13. >Whenever we throw a party, we tell people to dress like it’s the end of the world. It usually gets the best outfits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. >Hot damn. HEY no fair, you were born with the best accessory, THOSE LEGS!!! Black looks so good with the color of your hair..

  15. >hi. ive been reading youre blog for like so long. i think its the first time i actually made comments. firstly, good job with the blog. and oh, i so wanna get my hands on so many countless pieces on the blog. im from singapore and i so wanna get stuff from “the store” haha. yeah. do you ship to overseas?fathin

  16. >I really love your style!! A lot of your clothing reminds me of the great stuff on this site called shopgoldyn..I just ordered a bunch of clothes from there..I love it~!

  17. >you’re the ONLY person that can layer a leather (?) vest on top of a white vest and look incredibly awesome!

  18. >Woohoo Rumi smiles! :pI have to say you are such an inspiration! i love that lame top…i dont think i can get it over here so i may just have to get an AA bodysuit and chop it in half!…such crazyness! xp

  19. >RUMI! These are yet again gorgeous!I was just wondering, as i am trying to get in shape, do you exercise? You look like you do, i can see some muscle :)if so, whats your work-out plan? thanks! please reply!

  20. >Wow! Iยดve just discovered your blog and it is fantastic. You look stunning in all your outfits and the photos are very good. Congrats!Iยดll visit you more often.Kisses from Spain

  21. >Hiii..Hmm I am wearing a lot of black lately, though at the moment I'm one click away from buying a lime green dress. Mmm lime green.Glad people liked my stupid faces, my boyfriend told me I had to post that "mean" one especially. I'm trying to smile more!!Thedoc hah I looked back at them after you said that, very true! We had just been playing with his dad's weapons earlier in the day, maybe that's why. Okay that just sounded more psycho than it needed to.Ooh yes Pamela I am obsessed with Kain…Anon 158, I'm 5'7" barefoot. Aww Jennifer thanks, yeah CK is very cute with her messiness though.Knightcat yeah definitely a little eery, I forgot how much I love the F21 sneaker heels!Chaussie they were rather elusive..next time!Talli, EWW we met at the shadiest bar EVER. Seriously, we think back on it and shudder/laugh. But yes you can meet people at bars I suppose!!Thanks Tagh <3Steelcloset, ooh I want to come..sounds fun.Karafina maybe it makes for having no chest lol.Fathin, yes I definitely ship overseas! More than half of my store ends up being sold to international bidders actually. It's $14 to ship first class and $25 for Priority Mail.Ramona I gave them a little trim..I'm going to get them done a little more cleanly on Friday I think…thanks!Anon 200 ooh good luck with that, yeah I got the tank at this random slutty sex shop. It actually came with matching lame zipper shorts. But those stay in the bedroom :PJodi ahh thank you, I actually don't exercise half as much as I should, right now I'm trying to make it to a couple yoga classes a week.

  22. >Soo fresh! where does the gladiator shoes come from? that you wear with the black romper? REALLY FAB! ๐Ÿ™‚