those cutouts

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Freezing in San Diego..this didn’t settle very well with me but today is faring better. I wish the dress was a little more visible in

these photos, it has a high waist, flared skirt, and shoulder cutouts that are just too ’80s. Love it.

Dress, vintage. Heels, Aldo. Bag, Balenciaga.

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  1. >Black sometimes is the key to look great without so much effort…you actually blend quite well with the weather, although you do look quite cold in the photos!! I hear Alexanger Wang is bringing goth style into wearable/acknowledgable fashion, I see you rockin it already.

  2. >This might just be my favorite dress ever!!!! You look fabulous in it! Don’t tell me you picked this up at the local Goodwill…this had to of come from a specialty second hand store!

  3. >Ohhhlala I LOVE this outfit and the skirt and boot combo is stunning!! Do tell where you are in San Diego in this picture?!M

  4. >SD has been having sporadic and awful weather!! Just last week, during SunGod, it was so warm and amazing. Next thing you know it’s flash rains and all over coldness.

  5. >the cold weather here is thanks to me. no lie. every time i come into town, it gets SO COLD and rains. sorry about that :[

  6. >Not to many people can make shoulder cut-outs work.. but damn Rumi you could probably make a potato sack work. Im envious

  7. >Wow what an awesome and very stylin’ outfit, I am in love with that dress, it is unlike anything I have seen before ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. >I hate you for finding the most amazing things thrifted…really i do* and for having some amazing shops that stock such great pieces in your vicinity!*OK i don’t really x)

  9. >oh my gosh the dress with the shoulder cutouts is divine, please let me know when you’re tired of it. love the look on you.

  10. >I love this dress. I like when you pair things down like this. Oh, and it was totally crappy weather here too so don’t worry, you’re not missing much.

  11. >One of your best outfits imo. I was just saying how your style was veering away from refined and chic and more towards to the scene-y look but your last outfits have been great!

  12. >very cute dress.i am also annoyed by unexpected coldness at the moment. but at least it allows expermentation with tights.

  13. >i live in san diego too. what is with the weather! it was freezing today too! well i love your style. i just discovered your blog yesterday and i have been on it like a million times already. such good inspirtation!

  14. >Is that University Ave? I don’t know, looks like Hillcrest to me. ANYWAYS, I adore that dress with the tights!

  15. >oh this is absolutely encreyeble!the booties look very balenciaga-esque but that bag must have cost you a fortune.

  16. >It’s not Coronado. I’ve lived their most of my life. Trying to remember where else they have medians like this. And the weather has been wacky here this year.

  17. >PS. Betting it’s University Ave by the Ralph’s. I was just there yesterday and it’s changed so much. It’s looking so pretty.

  18. >I love this all black look. There was a girl in school who had a turtleneck with two cut-outs on the shoulder like that. At the time she was seriously made fun of for the out-of-fashionness of the top, but I thought she looked awesome wanted a top just like it– way to rock an excellent style!

  19. >Whoa~ Is that Coronado!?GOD, I miss my city, my beautiful, beautiful city. Looks miserable, though.Detroit was 90 this weekend. And humid.

  20. >Hi all! Thank you!This was taken at University Heights/Hillcrest, we were about to go to Sushi Ono to gorge on salmon sashimi and crab and cream cheese puffs. So very good.Luckily the weather cleared up after that day, haha I was freezing when he was taking the photo!