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With the surge of bohemian dresses in the store, I decided to get it on the floaty paisley action. This dress is so summer perfect it’s almost sickening. The semisheer material definitely requires doubling up with an (also vintage) slip, and I gave it that extra roundhouse kick into modernity with my shiniest stud-heavy heels. How is it that electric blue sort of goes with everything lately?

I know I made annoyingly vague allusions to exciting news a couple weeks ago, and well now I am going to annoyingly just say I’m flying down to LA after Memorial Day in relation to said news, which I’m SO EXCITED about. I’m going to be staying with one of my best friends from college and do LA things like…well I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Yay for spontaneously arranged travel!

Dress, vintage. Heels, Bebe. Bag, vintage Bally.

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  1. >”How is it that electric blue sort of goes with everything lately?”….I KNOW! :)You look nice but im not a fan of brown sort clothes, perhaps it because im dark skinned?You really should take us out of our misery and share the news already!

  2. >hooray for coming to LA! it’s so freakin’ hot here today…~102 degrees…it’s SICK. my (_I_) was sweating just from driving with the ac blasting in my face. hopefully it’ll cool down a bit by memorial day weekend. great dress btw it’s the perfect length…especially with this heat!!

  3. >I love this outfit and it is crazy that the electic blue really does go nicely….can you please, please, please give us a hint as to what this AMAZING news is….or at least let us know when we can find out?????!!!!!!!

  4. >I love that floathy boho look. But I’m starting to think it’s just your cute looks that makes everthing just work.I was wondering, what size are you in Aldo? as I actually know you are the same size as me. quite embarrassing.. ;p

  5. >I love that dress, was it originally that short or did you shorten it? I came across one like it today while thrifting but it had a higher neck and was longer and I wasnt sure if I could alter it or not.

  6. >That dress looks amazing on you, and goes well with the shoes as well, suprisingly. Your stems are absolutely gorgeous, a constant reminder that I need to tone up my legs.

  7. >OH those shoes are just fantastic. As a Los Angeles native-let me know if you need any ideas on what to do while you’re here. Hope your trip is fantastic.

  8. >Such a cutie-cute dress, looks amzing on you, and yeah it goes with the heels so very well.Love all of your looks, though I don’t know whether you really wear fedoras and generally hats. I mean they’re SO worn out and in my opinion they actually seem to ruin every outfit. The last pic is the most beautiful thanks to its hat-lack. I don’t have to mention that you look absolutely stunning ALL THE TIME…

  9. >I just wanted to say how much i love your blog. you are such a great inspiration to me and you can pull off anything!! keep posting because you ROCK!!ps. im going to LA right after memorial day also!!! maybe i’ll see you there haha πŸ™‚

  10. >I freakin love this outfit. It reminds me of the girls from Brenda(j-mag) esp if u had a pompadour half up half down(one of the pics kinda looks like it).

  11. >I freakin love this outfit. It reminds me of the girls from Brenda(j-mag) esp if u had a pompadour half up half down(one of the pics kinda looks like it).

  12. >just when i think i’ve got your style pegged you totally surprise me with something like this. i love, LOVE it!!

  13. >kewlzz your coming to the city of angels! it is hootttt out here so prepare for the heat! i wish i could get ya to do a shoot for my store πŸ™‚ your such a cutie..and those shoes are rockin!

  14. >I lovee lovee this dress! I have been searching for the perfect florally boho type dress for awhile now. Im jealous of your LA trip, it should be fun =p Also you totally have to tell us this news, driving me crazyy!

  15. >I completely agree with the electric blue surprisingly matching with everything.. i’m kind of over-wearing my bright blue velvet wedges.. anyways love the dress lady!

  16. >I Really like those shoes you are wearing! nice!i have similar kind of dress which i bought last year at singapores topshop. and i love it. you are too cute, did u know that!!! πŸ™‚

  17. >Your ability to pull off very short dresses with so much class is definitely giving me the push to keep workin’ out when I’m feeling lazy. I love that nothing is matching anything in this outfit and yet they compliment each other so well. ADORE this outfit.. and those shoes; other than the amazing color & studs, isn’t the shape so flatteringly feminine? I’ve been looking for pumps with a similar shape.

  18. >That dress is beyond amazing!!!Random question: I love your hair and I just wonder how thick your hair is? Do you use any hair products in it? Tell me!

  19. >love this dress, definately a summer staple!just wondering how tall you are? you always wear heels and look so good, but as im 5’8 i always feel that in heels i’m towering over others… :(thanks hattie

  20. >hello I’m french and I’m going to try to speak english without making so much faultso I would like to make an interview about you because I’m crazy about your style and I would publish this interview on my blog:muse-face.skyblog.comif you accept it would be funanswer me by yes or by not in comments and afterward I would ask the questions of interviewthank you meric beaucoupand do you speak frenchest ce que tu parles franΓ§ais? lol

  21. >Does LA trip we get to wait like hungry kittehs waiting for a new blogpost? if yes, don’t goooo~ no, me kid. Love the dress, but seriously, however great a garment, your bodyshape can really flaunt it. Very jealous – from fellow wooman.

  22. >Hey rumi, I want your white oxford aldo shoes! however, did some research and heard the quality isn’t all that great. What do you think? How do they look in real life?? I want either the black or the white!

  23. >Love the juxtaposition of the dainty and harder-edge in this outfit. I think the 80s were on to something with all of that electric blue.

  24. >I think it is rude that people are complaining that you look “less asian”. Is it any of their business? or are they just being slightly prejudice.

  25. >I love so much how you can mix that floral dress and those wonderful high heels shoes ! I really like the mix !I like the two last photos.

  26. >Ooooh I want that dress! It reminds me so much of the newly revamped Bally Spring/Summer 08 collection, of which I love pretty much every single piece, the clothes, shoes, bags, I love it all. It is probably a three way tie between Balmain, Alexander Wang, and Bally for my favorite spring/summer 08 collections that I love every piece. Stella McCartney was a amazing collection too, the floral jumpsuit was a favorite. Anyway, you’re dress seriously does looks like it came from that Bally collection. So cute!

  27. >Grey hats are outfit suicide. I think anything structural on above the shoulders (i.e, hats) don’t work with cute dresses, which this one totally is. Love the bag, the gold chain pops. In face, I have a vintage Chanel purse with a gold chain (similar to the piece of chain before the leather arm band) which I double as a waist belt. I think these shoes break up your sick (in a good way) stems. I think they would look cuter with jeans or black tights.