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Ohhh so drunk here. I love this dress. Not feeling so wordy tonight, the bed beckons. But I do know I sort of look like a crazy person here.

Vintage Tadashi Dress, vintage faux fur shrug, Aldo shoes, Balenciaga bag.

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  1. >i’ve never seen such a beautiful drunkie!!! you are so lucky you don’t get the asian glow! i wanted to run into you in sd this past weekend, i’m pretty sad i didn’t. i wish you would do a tutorial on what make-up products you use! your skin and eyes are amazing.

  2. >okay, why you look so damn classy even when you are so drunk,?? πŸ˜€ i look like a tart! go and see! πŸ˜€ you look pretty and i like what u are wearing!

  3. >Haha that’s so funny everyone mentions the asian red thing. I was at a party with my friends this weekend, a lot of which, happen to be asian. And one of my friends after like half a cooler was a total Tomato!! Im not even exaggerting like she was RED lol! As well as a couple others were pretty red too lol. But Rumi, you rock the drinks well, I lovee this look, and the dress is amazing! As well as the photos, love =) Hope your enjoying your trip

  4. >wow, i never heard of this ‘asian red’ thing before but i definitely get it when drinking and i’m not even asian! not fair πŸ™ you work the headband thing so well, rumi, mine always give me a bit of a mushroom head when i wear them with my hair down!

  5. >Rumi!You looks like a queen of Studio 54 parties!!!Your dress, faux fur jacket and headband…..I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!!!!!

  6. >I wish I looked so good when I was drunk! Adoring your dress. Possibly a stupid question but are all your photos taken by someone else? ‘Cause they’re ten times better than mine…

  7. >Love that dress, body con with a twist! Love how u still managed to pose with copious amounts of alcohol in you lol!

  8. >Did you make that headband yourself or where did you get it? You got so many great Aldo shoes, so unfair they don’t sell them in Finland. πŸ™ You look lovely when drunk, cant tell at all. I usually look so funny and lazy eyed when drunk. πŸ˜€ Lovely dress and outfit!ps. What kind of camera do you have?

  9. >You look wonderful, I love the black dress mixed with the sparkles and shines it is a great look :)You are on my blog style picks of the week πŸ™‚

  10. >I love the faux fur shrug! And Rumi, I was at the SF downtown DSW this weekend and saw a pair of heels which your Aldos resemble.

  11. >that dress is gorgeous! and it looks amazing on you! it’s gotta be on of my faves! although the nailpolish looks like white out.. Maybe go for a french manicure color that’s dark enough but not white white..Oh yeah asians get red more easily when they drink alcohol. Not that it doens’t happens to whities. ;p It has been scientifically explained I think.

  12. >I love the look! I dont know about that headband with that dress but the rest is fab. I like the background wall too. I have a request: More fashion pics in SD with your bf. Like at the beach? Yay!Tart

  13. >Hey there! Found your blog a few days ago and just wanted to say I think you are absolutely fabulous! Love all the vintage stuff and your post about the Doc Martens…I just bought a pair and I can’t get my head around them myself!Oliviaxxx

  14. >love the outfit! but i HAVE A BURNING QUESTION: from your ‘packing leads to playing’ post, what is the name/style of your jessica simpson boots? i would love to buy a pair but i am not sure how to search for themthanks, keep up the great work!

  15. >Hey! I can see that you have make up, foundation, or am I wrong? I think you look more beautilful without it=)

  16. >I wish I looked like that when drunk, and no you don’t look drunk hehthe fur option is great, love the coordination overall, are those shoes comfy though???

  17. >simply gorgeous. not many can pull off looking pretty while drunk, bravo to you…I had that white nail polish a week ago and still have it on my toes. I love how ‘white out’ white it looks. what brand is yours? I got the mani pedi done and forgot to ask the brand tha made it.

  18. >That dress i so sexy, and so are you Rumi!!! I would have left the coat out and chosen some other bag. For some reason I can’t get used to the Balenciaga as a go-out bag.

  19. >The dress is gorgeous and the shoes and bag are perfect with it. I have to say I’m not loving the headband or the shrug, just makes the whole look a bit too hipsterish and cheap imho. I loved the black look from a few days ago just because it was quite clean and didn’t have any tacky elements. Then again, maybe it’s more appropriate in the US. It’s just my opinion but I vastly prefer your style when it’s more chic and less trendy. Or, if you’re going to be trendy, keep it minimal and don’t do the hipster hair, hipster makeup, hipster headband, hipster bangles etc., just do one. I kind of feel like all this look needed was the statement shoes and the bbag and the simple lines of the dress.

  20. >I don’t get red after I drink either, so I get the red fault “she must be faking”. Truthfully, you are just a blur.Great dress though! I recently found a great vintage Tadashi piece that I can’t wait to post about.

  21. >oh to be young again…miss those days. you look great even though you are drunk. how do you manage? πŸ™‚

  22. >In the second pic, it looks like you’re saying, “Oh! PAVEMENT!” when you’re more than likely just trying not to keel over. It doesn’t matter. You are a stunning drunk.

  23. >I just wanted to clarify that madd_matt’s comment was from me. I was on my brother’s computer and I totally forgot that he was logged in his iGoogle.Embarrassing!

  24. >Seeing you in those aldo shoes so much I now have to get my own pair!!! Do they fit true to size??? I’ve never bought Aldo shoes and living all the way out here I want to get the size right…. once.

  25. >love your style, but maybe even more your fun kind of personality! you seem such a cool girl, so keep it going! totally hooked on this site, xoxo reader from finland

  26. >loving the high frequency posting!you’re drunk here? so that explains the hand propping poses! he. the shoes are gorgeouss.

  27. >well girls, mabye rumi is wearing foundation as it is slightly lighter than her normal skincolor. Maybe that’s why she isn’t red! or maybe she’s just lucky.. I do feel you’re trying a bit harder now. A bit more trendy etc. Never liked the headband either.. It soo overdone. Your style is still really amazing though and you seriously always look great. But I was thinking it must be the pressure of always coming up with something new and looking good for your blog.

  28. >I’d love for layla to explain how she’s wearing ‘everything’???A dress, shoes, bag, jacket and jewellry is what I’d call a normal everyday outfit. She may be able to pull off a more unique style, but in no way is it try hard, quite the contary.

  29. >i also get the asian red when i’m drunk then later it turns into the pale dead face…haha. but rumi, you look so great, looooooove the faux fur thing it gives a very mk olsen look. and the head band, you looks oh so stylish.please come check out my blog meow meow, and tell me what you think!http://kittykatekins.blogspot.com/

  30. >i got myself a pair of the aldo shoes because of you, lol. for those asking about sizing, i’m a 7.5 and the 8 fits good (no half sizes). rumi, you look lovely as always.

  31. >Ahh, Rumi. You look beatiful nomather what you wear and how drunk you are!I agree with vix that you have changed a lot in such a short time, and I sort of miss the old days to, but you are still one of my favourite blogs!www.citona.blogspot.com

  32. >love the shoes and the fur! it amazes me how people are so quick to judge! i guess i have lived long enough to know that people go thru phases and change and as long as you are happy….is all that matters…trends come and go! one minute something is in the other it is so yesterday, not sure why people expect you to wear the same style throughout the week, month or even days but you look great regardless! sometimes i dress boho chic sometimes i got the jackie o and other times rockstar! people are mood driven and that reflects their clothes!keep doing you and feeling good about yourselfxoxo

  33. >Hi Rumi, you look like a dancing queen, and i’m thinking that YOU, only you can wear these shoes with lots of grace πŸ˜‰ i don’t think Aldo send in France. Kiss from paris. I really love reading you here.

  34. >i actually agree with layla about the throwing of everything together. this isnt the rumi im used to. the hipster headband, the fur, the white nail polish, the bangles, the tussled hair, all at once, it just seems.. too trendy. i do love the dress. this just doesnt seem as effortlessly chic.

  35. >lol….the girl has got a blog about the things she wears everyday, so why is every1 hating on her for trying out something new. peoples styles evolve, if not, the designers wouldn’t be reeling out collections every 2 mins. the fun about fashion is that one day you can look one way and differently the next. And…i don’t know why half of you feel that she has to dress the way ‘ur’ used too. she isn’t some barbie doll that you can dress up. give the girl a break. I rate her for trying something new, and for creating such a discussion on it loll.

  36. >love the outfit sans the headband, and white nails are always fun for summer! especially with that tan you’re rocking…which reminds me, you gotta get some new foundation to match it girl! your pretty face is looking too pale in comparison to the rest of your bod.

  37. >pose i totally agree, i am like apalled at some of the comments..let he do her and dress as her mood drives her!xoxo

  38. >I agree with pose and toni alexis. Give the girl a break, so what if she wants to change her style, that’s what personal style is all about, it changes as you change, it reflects and expresses who you are and what you are feeling at that moment. Besides its not like her altering her style is hurting anyone, so I think the solution is pretty simple, if you don’t like what she’s posting don’t visit her blog anymore, if you like it keep visiting her blog. She can’t please everyone and she would be a fool to try. I highly doubt that Rumi is holding out for universal popularity…

  39. >Rumi, you better put up a new post as i can see this becoming another ‘caldwell’ commented post! I cant seem to understand why people take the time just to comment negatively about you!obviously got a lot of time on their hands……faithful reader and lover of your style

  40. >Rumi come back! These people are destroying your blog! I have a suggestion….put the comments on author moderation..that way these freaks dont post such profanity…Love your outfit lots,Tart

  41. >You’ve re-invented the DRUNK-CHIC LOOK. Those shoes are growing on me like brand new tits! I have to check out Aldo right now for my size!

  42. >ItΒ΄s only normal to evolve your style and even though IΒ΄d might not wear everything you do the way you do, I love that you reinvent yourself. Thats what makes your blog interesting to me. You still inspire me in so many ways, while I tend to get bored with other blogs as soon as I have “gotten used to” their personal style. (unless it gets updated) And I also think that a person with a strong interest in fashion will sometimes wear combinations other peolpe might critisize, but itΒ΄s not about them, but to be able to beeing creative for your own satisfaction. After all itΒ΄s YOUR personal style, not anyone elses. Please keep it up, you seem like such a nice girl, and I love your blog! By the way, you shold consider buying and selling some of those aldos in your shop, IΒ΄d definitely get a pair!

  43. >People remember Caldwell’s injury .. Rumi has her own life! Great style, I mean I prefer your style earlier in the year and last year but this outfit is cute.

  44. >this is silly. i think both sides are in the wrong for pointing fingers. just because you support rumi doesnt mean you can say whatever you want either. anyway, i like this outfit. not so sure about the fur.

  45. >rumi come back! please don’t leave us hanging like style bytes. we don’t need 2 of our favorite bloggers disappearing from existence! ok i know it’s only been a couple days that you’ve been gone, but i feel like something is missing in my life!

  46. >oooh i like this lookthe little headband is super cute!your blog is sweetfancy swapping links?love from blossomclothingx

  47. >People, some people just state their opinion. It’s NOT hating. You have your opinion and she has hers. Rumi has one of the best styles to me I’ve seen lately. Even though it has evolved. It’s only natural.. But not everyone might like what she wears. As long as people have repect..

  48. >This post has certainly generated some discussion and that is what blogging is all about!I don’t really understand anyone saying that they feel that this look isn’t faithful to Rumi’s usual/old/whatever style – who has the right to decide what one’s “style” is?

  49. >As someone else said above, your boyfriend should definitely propose to you soon! He would be a fool not to =).