Rogan jeans

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I made sure to check out the Rogan line at Target this weekend..but..already highly combed over. I know, what?! Must have been released days earlier judging from the lack of selection/sizes. I did get to check this thing out..just as crazy as it looks online. Anyway, I moped on over to the dressing rooms with a couple measly items, including these jeans just for the heck of it. I’ve never liked any of the other GO International collaboration’s denim but they seemed at least mildly promising on the rack. They, surprisingly, fit amazingly well, hugging the ankles tightly and practically screaming that they wanted to be friends with my Marc Jacobs boots. Or perhaps not so surprising, isn’t denim what Rogan mainly does in the first place? Oh yeah.

I didn’t really wear this since it was blazingly hot, so I just put together a simple look to photograph. Just saying.

Note: this is really hard to photograph and almost just as hard to see in real life too, but they have this weird/kinda cool/kinda don’t know what to think about it leopard patterning on the sides. I like how invisible this is, and I suppose it doesn’t really detract. Just…random.

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T, Urban Outfitters from last spring. Jeans, Rogan for Target. Heels, Nine West. Clutch, vintage.

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  1. >Ooh I saw these online.. I didnt realize they had side detailing, thats pretty cool! They are black right? Sometimes is sucks to live in Canada, I’ll have to get back to the US pronto before its all picked over! btw, Im seriously not a creepy stalker haha, know I post wayy to often, I just love to check your blog =)

  2. >rumi, i hope you dont mind i used your pic on my blog to show everybody what the jeans look like. i gave you credit as is the proper thing to do. my store didnt even have everything out so i ordered a big order online. would you say the jeans are true to size?

  3. >I kinda like that print. Normally I would say im not that into prints and animal patterns. Btw, your outfit is as sweet and stylish as always!

  4. >very cute, you are brave to try stuff on at target…those dressing room lights always give me a nervous breakdown.

  5. >i really dig that t-shirt.those jeans fit great. when i checked out the rogan collection the stuff was pretty good and i was surprised with the fit of the pants.

  6. >Hey, they didn’t have those jeans at my Target. I did get a t-shirt dress though that’s super cute. I love this look on you. So effortless!

  7. >Wow, they fit really well for Target jeans. I can never seem to find a pair of pants that actually fit without any bunching or sagging.

  8. >those heels are stunning, and i love the minor details on the jeans… pretty

  9. >For those who like these shoes, you can find them on Ebay :) luck!

  10. >Yeah she looks good but I don’t understand the whole hoopla. It is a pair of jeans with a shirt- the shoes are the only thing “amazing”.

  11. >Trying on clothes “just for the heck of it” sounds like my experience with more and more of the Target collections. But perhaps what’s even more disturbing is how I had absolutely no intention of even looking or going close to the Rogan collection (the few preview pics where unbelievably Blahsville), but seeing you in the black skinnies and Camille in her finds has now got me anxiously waiting ’til my next trip to Target. I love how trashy animal prints can be, and this black on black print is deliciously, delicately just so.

  12. >omgg you look stunning in jeans. i think you should totally make a dress out of a garbage bag or duct tape or something really weird and you will look amazing and everyone will buy it =)

  13. >Hi there. Do you think you can post what size you got?? I’m about your size and am thinking of going for the 3.. But GO is junior sizing so I’m not sure. It would be sooo helpful if you can let me know!! Oh and if you know the inseam that would be really helpful too. Sorry to bombard you with questions, I hope you don’t mind. Thanks!

  14. >I went to scope out the Rogan stuff yesterday and it was also all leftovers! Some random yellow racerback madness was all that was left. I wept a little. You got lucky with these pants! Haha

  15. >so i went looking for that shirt the other day at uo and now that it says ‘last spring’ i know why 🙁 how terrible i felt haha

  16. >This line was pretty good–I got three pieces, which says a lot for a Target line. These jeans actually do fit well, I’m sure you were surprised. I stuck to the tent-ish shift dresses to be safe. I’m pretty jealous of those shoes by the way.

  17. >Wow, I’m surprised at those jeans! When I was browsing the collection on the Target website, those jeans (item B0016MY63S if you want to look at the pic on there) looked like such mom jeans on the model! I’m pleasantly surprised that they don’t suck. Maybe I’ll grab a pair now.