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Locking myself at home today so I would get all those last minute things done, I of course procrastinated in the form of outfit dress-up while attempting to figure out what to pack for my week-long trip. I forgot how much I hate the packing process and usually just end up shoving a bunch of crap in my bag in those last panicked minutes, but these are the looks/items I think I’m leaning towards. Right now, anyway..I’m sure I’ll mix them all up later.

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, American Apparel. Skirt, Forever21. Bag, Charlotte Russe. Shirt, Fruit of the Loom. Heels, Nine West.

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Shirt, Urbn. Vest and shorts, vintage. Boots, Jessica Simpson.

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Dress, vintage.

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  1. >Ohh the floral dress is def my fave look, I love love it. Im so obsessed with florals this season! And you should def bring your gladiator sandals, because they are so hot.. and if I keep seeing them maybe it will convince me to buy them.. Im still debating whether or not I should..

  2. >You must be the only person alive who can pull off that vest. I’m stunned. It almost makes me want one, until I realise I’m nowhere near as chic as you are. I love the floral dress! Now that’s something I could manage… Have a fun trip!

  3. >Love the Forever 21 skirt. I haevn’t seen you wear it (God, I sound like such a creeper). And those shorts are nice too. I think I ‘m going to take an old pair of light wash jean and tur the into shorts now. Thatnks for the inspiration.

  4. >It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a sweatshirt on a style blog…they really do get an unfair rap, but you make everything look amazing.

  5. >OMG cuute – the first outfit!Packing is horrible. I am preparing packing for 7month exchange/travelling now, a month before. But yes, last minute shoving it probably will be!

  6. >The last outfit is my fav, this dress is gorgeous! and your nine est gladiators are to die for, why don[t they sell it in France??? ๐Ÿ™

  7. >Just lovely, as usual! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for adding me in Wardrobe remix. I will be blogging in English very soon…

  8. >Love the skirt in the first outfit, its great that you’re logically thinking through your packing, I just get stressed and pack ridiculous things!

  9. >Cute looks! But be sure to bring some of your cold weather looks too. Its suppose to be windy/cloudy with a chance of rain Fri-Sun. Have fun!

  10. >The first and last are definetly my favorite! You wear give florals such an edge. It might be a tad bit hot in L.A. for a sweatshirt though. Have a great trip! Looking forward to hear what the “big news” is all about!

  11. >I love that forever 21 skirt! I think I might place an order for it. But before I do does it fit true to size? And what is your overall opinion of it. Looks great from what I can see in the photo ๐Ÿ™‚ PS. Have a great trip!

  12. >I really love all the pics of you! Who’s the wonderful photographer? And you always look great on every single photo! I have added you on my blog-links now, you defenitly deserve it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your blog is so inspiring!Have a good trip!

  13. >I love everything. Especially that fur vest! Awesome!!!! I’m in SD right now =) Just got here last night and got tacos right away MMMM!!!! where did you go hs in the bay area? i went up there toO!

  14. >I like all of these outfits, but especially the floral dress and the F21 skirt with the AA sweatshirt. I swear if you ever go completely and totally insane and decide to put your Kate Moss for Topshop pansy print dress for sale in your store I will buy it in a heartbeat. Still kicking myself for not ordering it last year before it sold out… Anyway have a great trip!

  15. >oh rumi. you look fabolous in tiny black skirt and white top combination and when you add that AA hoodi, it is perfect :)you can make everything look just right !you are such an inspiration.

  16. >so i totally tried on that voluminous skirt and my whole ass was showing every time i bent over. i was kinda mad

  17. >I just got the Nine West heels in a dark brown and they’ve quickly become a staple with all of my white dresses and floral numbers. They look great on you!

  18. >very great style !have you seen my photos of Sarah jessica Parker in Paris ?Kamelstreet style romancer in Paris

  19. >just want to say i think ur style is awesome! I have never liked someone’s style so much since Carrie Bradshaw xxx

  20. >Hey Rumi,Be sure to pack some jeans and a coat! It went from 100 degrees to pouring down rain out here in LA! Have a safe trip. The first outfit is bangin!

  21. >found this fringe purse (I guess it works if ya really want fringe) these gladiators very affordable at newport news ladies. i know they have been a hot topic here. Code 635 + L38 to get 20% off and free shipping

  22. >I actually really like the second outfit…cutoffs with the ‘hokey’ vest! Ah well…Safe trip! cant wait to see all th photos plus find out what this is all about!Kirsten, you might want to look on ebayUK for the dress, overpriced but will be totally worth it!

  23. >loveee those blue shades. they are such a great accessory to have…they always add to your outfits, as do the heart shaped ones. ps – also love how you styled the fcuk dress.

  24. >=) =) =)Wow, you dress really cool, (seen you around The Fashion Spot forums!) and are so pretty! You know what would be really cool for your Blog?? If you did a video like Taylor’s. Taylor Warren (on You Tube!) we could even give questions for you to answer? Or you could just simply state your favorite things (clothing, music, nailpolish, accessories, food, things to do. Etc!) You’re an online Icon it seems! ♥ ๐Ÿ™‚ This would be very fun for your fans. ps: ~Have fun on your trip!

  25. >i love to pack!it’s the unpacking and clothes washing at the end of a trip that i hate. i leave it for days. or weeks.

  26. >secretista I am so glad that I bought that skirt after seeing Rumi wearing it because now its off the site. Just checked out your blog its great!