more random henleys

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Hmm I’ve been finding all kinds of random clothes at my boyfriend’s place that I forgot about. This stripey top I got a long time ago and is finally now being utilized. AND haven’t we missed this wall??? Well I have. Except when it’s all cloudy. Then it’s a bad wall.

Shirt, secondhand. Skirt, Forever21. Bag, vintage. Shoes, Aldo.

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  1. >Finding clothing that you forgot about feels like getting new ones, doesn’t it 😛 cute colours on the shirt, love how this outfit kinda sits in between cute/badass. I think its the shoes and bandage skirt.

  2. >I love finding clothing I forgot about. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen too often. I know there’s gotta be clothing I forgot about in Miami but just haven’t gone back there.But yeah (sorry to ramble,) I like your purse quite a lot. I’m not sure about the shoes. It’s one of those things where I’m in love with the shoes in pictures but in reality they’re just not for me.

  3. >Hi, Rumi. I found your blog via a Google search on “thrifting tips.” I read every entry over the last two days. Ha! Let me just say that you’ve opened my sartorial third eye. As a woman who was well known for her cute skirts and outrageous footwear, you’ve stirred the need in me to dress well–for myself–once again. I love your understanding of proportion and fit; how your tiniest skirts seem almost modest when paired with a slouchy henley or a a sheer v neck tee.I also appreciate your interpretation of trends. You don’t ever look like you saw your outfit on the mannequin first, no matter how basic. I love your mix of classics/vintage, designer and chain store.I could go on…but I’ll end this by saying that you’ve inspired me to look at my closet in a different way. And I’m excited.

  4. >I wouldn’t really think of that shirt as very you, but you definitely make it you with the styling. I love it.

  5. >I wish I could find some hidden treasures, it happens sometimes when I realize Ive lost something in my crazy closet.. a lot of the time I dont ever find it though.Its so funny you mention the wall, my first though was “hm I havent seen this wall bg in awhile” yes I know Im odd something 😉

  6. >I love finding stuff that I havent seen for a long time, especially good stuff. I am reallying loving your ouftit 🙂

  7. >Hey Rumi,I have a new blog and i want to ask you some “fashion questions”, a kind of interview. Are you agree?Enorme bisous de Paris (LOVE)

  8. >Hehe actually I’ve missed the wall too. I always wish that I had a wall like yours when I take my photos. Like your shirt and the way you combine it.

  9. >I really like this, wasnt so sure about the henley at first but it does kinda ‘tone’ the lenght of the skirt down a bit…and i LOVE the shoes..ALDO is outta my size over here…blah…probably a good thing anyway!

  10. >Having come across your blog last night (whilst I was convincing myself that your blog will somehow help me with my economic exam next week) I can only say that you have amazing sense of style and how to ut clothes together. What amazed me was how I have alot of the clothes you have in your wardrobe, yet you wear them in a more sexy, fashionable unique style. You have def given me inspiration to step outside the box. Well done on all your achievements and keep blogging. I am officially addicted!

  11. >ha that´s funny – I´m always desperately searching things in my closet being sure there is no chance for them to be anywhere else- untill I find them at the boyfriend´s place.good finds, anyway!

  12. >come to Paris !i’ll be glad to photograph your style !cheerskamelstreet style romancer in Paris

  13. >haha I think it’s been a good wall for the most part. Love the black tights, white shoes combo. Really cool outfit!

  14. >Hi Rumi!I was wondering about the vintage/ thrift stores you shopped at when you lived in sd? My friends and I (originally from la who go to school here) are always wondering about cheap places to shop at and we knew you would be the person to ask….thanks : )

  15. >I love how much you update. It’s always so refreshing to see a new inspiration all the time 🙂 your striped shirt is adorable. I’m going to go through my old shirts just to see if I can still work it haha!

  16. >i’m loving the comeback of the wall…and i LOVE that henley.henley’s make me happy :Dfinding old clothes in your closet is almost like shopping for new ones!

  17. >Yes, come move to Manhattan Beach! I live right near there. Wish I could’ve seen you drinking a soy latte or something, I would’ve asked for your autograph =P.