Les chaussures Chloé

As much as I love my massive collection of vintage boots, I’m kind of a heel whore and when this morning I languidly searched for the Chloe motorcycle heels on my favorite comprehensive shopping search engine for no other reason than to shamelessly ogle, I came across these on amazing discount heaven Yoox, which I have coveted madly since first setting sight on them in that Spring ’07 collection. Let’s just say I hope these run true to size, Chloe footwear neophyte that I am….and not to play the devil’s advocate here or anything, but they have a bunch more in different colors and styles…

Pardon the French title, my mom is in Paris this week and I am dyyyyyyyyyying of insane, impossible to contain jealousy. I told her to bring me stuff.


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  1. >Those are so hot and I can see you rocking them!!!! I’m stoked to see them on you. And you are so cute for asking her to bring you stuff 😛

  2. >i, like you, am madly in love with those shoes. le sigh. can’t wait to see them as a part of one of your many amazing outfits.

  3. >Those shoes are awesome, my latest shoe obsession are the Maison Martin Margiela open toe ankle boots that Rachel Bilson was recently seen wearing, soo hot you should check it out if you havent already seen. And you are so lucky to get your mom to bring you stuff, although I would have stuffed myself into her suitcase, I wouldnt ever let my mom goto Paris without me! haha

  4. >Eeeeehehehhe so excited to receive these!Haha Erika thank you for clarifying your identity lol, you are too cute!R, LOVE THOSE MM boots, ridiculously good they are. Ugh and I really don’t think my mom’s going to bring me back anything cool…everyone always complains that I am the worst person in the world to shop for…

  5. >hey bb those chloe motorcycle heels you linked to are on sale at netaporter. and seriously i’m considering buying that one pair of booties left on yoox… oh no.

  6. >they are so good. inform me if you find cheaper ones to even knock offs, dare i say it. i have no other choice! but i need them badlyyyy

  7. >I have the black patent ones with a bow from Chloé’s SS 07 Collection, I can say they are very comfortable and true to size ( maybe it could be half size down but not necessary).

  8. >I heart shoes like its a religion and those shoes are soo cute. its so hard to find something fugly in Paris I bet you will get something lovely. lol

  9. >I’m a sucker for Chloe shoes too and I own a pair of the SS07 collection (small heel, white with bows)and they do run true to size, super comfy on top of that, I wear them all the time.I’ve also been looking at them on Yoox but the high heel ones are really too high for me!

  10. >It’s a pleasure to see french titles on my favourite blog !I let you guess … I’m french !Anyway nice shoes

  11. >Looove those shoes!Topshop did some in this style last year so people who love the look but not the prices might be able to find them on ebay.

  12. >Ooh very cute! I’ve gotten a few paris of Chloe shoes from Yoox, gotta love a discount. They run true to size IMO. Shopstyle was a divine invention! I spend way too many hours there filling up my virtual closet. LMAO! I can’t wait to see how you incorporate these shoes with your wardrobe.

  13. >you have no idea how crazy i went to find some shoes similar to the beige ones above, and i havent, and i def. cant spend 313 dollars on them…..where can one get them at discount??

  14. >hey r, dont ever apologize for using french words in reference to shoes… how do you think i got my nickname? chauss ;)p.s. ahhhhh, to be in paris right now….

  15. >I love those too! Why do you people care where her money comes from?You can afford to spend all your money on shoes and bags before you have kids and a mortgage.

  16. >This made me smile 🙂 these were the first designer shoes that inspired me to buy an inspired-by-them pair (the ones from topshop) they were down a strap but navy with a wooden heel. They’d sold out in my town, but found one last pair when visiting family and snapped them up. I was a very happy bunny.If anyone deserves more heels it’s you Rumi, you rock your’s more than anyone, rather than leaving them just sitting pretty 🙂 I hope you get nice goodies from Paris.

  17. >rumi i know how dear heels are to you, but i think you should give these a try, i dontknow if its your style, but they are sooo cool..tomsshoes.com check them out…..xxxcatpower

  18. >also omg, Thankyou to whomever told me about the nine west ones!!!! they are even on sale foe 40 ahhhhhhhhhhh

  19. >Wow im sure other countries look at americans and advanced societies and think about the excess and ridiculous spending…I mean 300-400 dolalr heels? ridiculous and you could find the same pair at top shop or somewhere else for over half the price. I hope some of you ladies have retirement, cds and money market accounts!

  20. >I’d be a heel whore for those, too. Somehow one strap is just pretty, but 3= a certain level of badass. (I’m rather wary of Mary-Janes, they remind me of my school uniform shoes)

  21. >The Steve Madden Steven line has a similar pair, though definitely not as glorious as Chloe, with a lower heel and one strap. I think its called Director.

  22. >I got those same triple strap chloe heels and wore them for the first time last night! They are so comfortable. I went up half a size up since they didn’t have 7’s but they still fit great. I’d say they are true to size. You’ll love them!

  23. >My favorite is the black ones.People think your hard to shop for?To me it seems like you’d be easy to shop for. All you’d have to do is pay attention to what you wear and sombody could easily find a gift for you, in my opinion.

  24. >I own the cream 3 buckle ones and those run pretty tts, if a bit big. Mine fit best with a cushy dr. scholls insole put in. 🙂