denim again and again

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Mmmm…medium wash denim..I guess I’m pretty into it right now. I was feeling an urge to wear this geeky dad shirt today, along with this Moroccan belt that overstayed it’s welcome back in ’04. I’d found it in my closet in a bag along with 15 other belts I forgot I had and wondered if it could be made new again. Which, of course, meant that floaty dresses and skinny jeans were out of the question. Luckily, bandage skirts seem to solve most of my fashion problems these days.

Oh and I know I have some terrifying roots going on..I’m trying to figure out what to do about it/not really caring. Plus, my brother informed me that he “always thought roots looked kind of cool”. Yeah.

Watch cuff and belt, vintage. Shirt, secondhand. Skirt, Forever21. Bag, Old Navy. Sandals, Urban Outfitters from a couple summers ago.

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  1. >Loveee your gladiator sandals.Your right, it is a dad shirt! My dad has almost the exact same one. Hahah.Cute outfit though. (:

  2. >gahh! i love that belt.and i’m totally jealous about your ability to wear gladiator sandals.i’ve discovered my feet are too wide to wear them. )=

  3. >i like the look of the skirt and the shirt. i have a belt like that, but never the courage to wear it. kittty!

  4. >OMG! I have bad roots too! I’ve been dying my brown hair blonde since 6th grade so I let my roots grow out for like 6 months so my hair won’t fall off! Whatever you do to yours, I can’t wait to see it!

  5. >I totally agree with the anonymous comment – It’d be awesome to see your brother…I’m wondering if he has the same amazing fashion sense as you. I’ve been looking into men’s fashion a lot more recently as I’ve come to discover that my boyfriend is becoming more and more interested in looking stylish.

  6. >I think letting the roots show tends to look better than having none visibile. It looks less “done,” which I would prefer. And I feel the same about bandage skirts nowadays. They make the world a better place. Ha!

  7. >love the skirt with shirt tucked in look. you rock….come see me at meow meow

  8. >I wonder what you look like with just dark hair. One thing I always think looks awesome if people are just gonna gradually grow out their hair color, is dying a portion of the dyed hair, something closer to the natural color. So like, since your natural hair color is pretty dark, opting for a brown or so right under the roots. And when you wash it out, it’ll distribute okay and you’ll end up with a cool sorta faded look. I know you don’t really care either way but I always thought when done right it was a cool look.

  9. >I think you rock pretty much everything.. I’m really loving all this denim.. And those gladiator sandals and that belt!I’ve been meaning to get some gladiator sandals for quite a while now.

  10. >I’m seriously impressed that you brought back something as trendy as the Moroccan belt and made it look new!I’d love to exchange links

  11. >HAH Emily that’s hilarious, me and your pops can be twins. I think it’s the no-collar that makes it especially father-like.Tova, aww that sucks! Surely there must be a pair somewhere that would work!Anon and Lovely..sadly he’s completely apathetic to all that is fashion…I’ve always thought it would be fun to have a sister to share that whole area of life with..not that I don’t love my brother heh. He is useful for other things, like fixing my printer!Thanks copperoranges, you should break it out! I call for the return of the Moroccan belt!Haha Erika hair is so damaged I kind of want to let it alone for a while.Jennifer, agree! Done is so over. Hah.Thanks kittykate and newlyinspired!Cassandra, yeah the quality is pretty bad..but I still like to get use of them! At least they’re comfortable.Hmm Aziza that would probably work pretty well…hmmmm…Shenshen we all need gladiators in our lives.Hcandidcool…true, Erin is quite disheveled and it’s awesome.Starr, haha well I attempted, I like to scrounge around for old things and try to revive them now and then…

  12. >I love this look. I know that Moroccan belt is back, bummer!!! I used to have few as well back then, I ended up selling it on ebay. I think I have to start storing all my stuff for future trends like U. 😛 As always fashion come and goes. Lucky U, U have a tiny Japanese waist and Western height. Damned U girl!!!!! hehehehe..I think U look great with dark colors, maybe brown family, black might be too harsh and U have to change the whole look. Blondes and light brown look good with black outfits. But with black hair and overall black clothing, not attractive unless you;re a goth. Cos, I have black hair…when I colored my hair, I can wear black outfits easily.

  13. >Mm cute, its funny I was just looking at such similar shoes today! They are cute, but I wasn’t willing to pay what I saw for them. And your kitty is so cute, however it looks like its giving you the “Rumi, do not disturb me during my catnaps!” look

  14. >Thank you all!Hahha yeah babyslk I junk some stuff too but I tend to revisit items years later so I do so carefully.Kellebag, I’ll check it out :)Nita, haha this belt just SCREAMS 2004. I love it.Lulu it’s so your turn!! Haha can’t wait.R lol yeah my cat thinks I’m so lame. He’s always in napping mode though so I do have to poke and prod on occasion!

  15. >Haha, my cat is the same, I think she is used to me waking her up from naps after all these years! haha, gotta love the kittys

  16. >Oh the long but short lifespan of the Moroccan belt… lives long in the closet, but short on your waist…I do see the potential of it seeing more daylight, it looks great – especially with the denim and tubedress + gladiators. great look 😀

  17. >Although I enjoy this look more than the previous few you had, I feel like the bag doesn’t do it justice. Also, you seem to do the same pose in every photo (as well as the face). I just wish your poses/facial expressions would project the same diversity as your outfits.