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So sorry for the lack of updates this week, I’ve just returned from my SoCal trip, much of which I had little/sporadic internet access during. I had quite the adventure in more ways than I can even process right now, and my new goal is to be able to move to Manhattan Beach someday – so beautiful. Though updates were scarce..okay non-existent for the past few days, fear not, for documentation was had throughout. I’m slowly going to make my way through my memory card and I suppose just post in order. In regards to the interesting and quite exuberant commentary, I was sort of shocked and saddened to find there was a sort of ruckus going on while I wasn’t able to check the ol’ blog too often…no I’m not pulling a Style Bytes though I can see why Agathe might have chosen to do so now..anyway I really don’t want to have to moderate comments but I suppose I’ll just leave it that way for now..I find myself lucky to have mostly extremely lovely readers who I LOVE but those select few…

So if you don’t like looking at pictures of me, then quickly click away lest your eyes disintegrate while peering at this post. In the early days of Treasure Chest Vintage, my boyfriend and I often took photos at this glorious wreck of a shack (you future bioengineers will know right where I am), and we decided to revisit it and do a little makeshift photo shoot with the random clothing I had packed and some things I found in my dresser in what used to be our room. We picked up some Sparks, laid out my gear, and clicked away. Props to him for managing all this with an only partially functional knee!

Let me know if I need to add in where the clothes are from…I figure this is mostly stuff I’ve worn before. Everything’s pretty much vintage or from places like American Apparel and Forever 21. Those fearsome studded bangles I picked up at Loehmann’s last weekend for $2.25 each. When I asked my boyfriend if I should get them, he looked aghast and vetoed them, but he promptly promoted them to almost acceptable when I told him they cost less than a soy latte.

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  1. >ahh, you have such and effortless style. Love especially that striped shirt with jean shorts. so cute.and i fell in LOOOOOVE with the red dress / white top / black waistcoat combination. i allways take inspiration from you.(oh, and i mention you on my blog…if you wannacheck. nothing bad said 🙂

  2. >Welcome back! So many pictures to spoil us with. Love that RL blazer. You should wear it more. And your body is insane in that AA dress. I don’t know if you’ve ever addressed this but do you workout? You look naturally slim yet your legs are very toned. You don’t need to answer this if you don’t want. I was just wondering. Summer being around the corner and all 🙂

  3. >Thank you for the welcomes! Jenna, I tried to check out your blog but it said your profile was unavailable – I would looove to check it out if you would post the link!Cottonshrinks, hi! That jacket’s from H&M, I bought it a couple months ago and it’s proven to be quite the staple!Vix hahhh you’re waaay too sweet. I used to be much better about working out but lately all I’ve been doing is the sporadic yoga class. But thank you 🙂

  4. >yay, you’re back! i have no idea about the said ‘ruckus’ as you say but people don’t like to check out your blog they should feel free to scroll over and not leave un-nice comments… the way, those bangles are really fierce and it must be really nice to have a b/f as a photographer, a really nice guy i must say.

  5. >I love the last oufit!And I can’t tell but is that blue forever21 headband that you have the one that is braided with some blue fabric and silver chain? I am curious because I have that one 🙂

  6. >thank god you’re back! my faves are the white tee/high waisted skirt and the white aa dress/navy blazer. i’m looking for some gold buttons to switch with the boring navy ones on a similar blazer i have.

  7. >Glad you are back and just as always great shots and outfits. I am seriously missing california right now and you are making it WORSE, haha. I gotta go for a visit.My favorite is the white AA dress. Oh and I made that hippie head band, only I added feathers. I got a lot of compliments. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  8. >those outfits look so comfortable, rumi! I love how you manage to pull off tights in obvious sunny weather.I wish people would stop giving me dirty looks because I’m wearing tights & it’s nearly june.

  9. >Glad your back Rumi! Hope you had fun, Im sorry about your blog woes, but there are always those jealous meanies out there who like to be rude just for fun. But for the most part I think we all love your blog! Sadly only four of your photos will load for me, but they look super nice, I like the locations and of course your RL blazer and nine west shoes <3 Also despite what some others may have said Im loving the thin headbands! Keep up the awesome blogging Rumi!

  10. >I feel that this much effort into pictures deserves a really good detailed comment 🙂 So ummm first things first! Welcome back Rumi!! I hope Socal was fun! Umm ok so I love the first picture…the jacket is amazing and its effortless…I dunno about the cuffs..but they will probably grow on me…just like the aldo’s did and now I own two pairs!! I really loved the laced and braided headbands..Super the vibe “I’m not a groupie…I’m the group”.. The white dress is perfect on you..but dont you find it hard to move around in…I do in mine. Oh and I have the same white oval ring…f21?But yeah everything is quiet lovely! And the Che Cafe rocks..have you been there when its actually having band’s in it? It’s insane..and the people that hang there are so random (emo’s to preps).I love all the pictures! OMG Props to your awesome BF too!xoxoTart

  11. >Hey!is that white dress American Apparel? I’m really considering getting the gray one.I’m glad you’re back! I love reading your blog.

  12. >finally!! You seem to have made up for your absence with all of these fantastic pictures! I love your style. I love how your clothes arent unatainable and they are easily recreatable unlike some other bloggers. You are the inspiration for so many of my outfits

  13. >Rumi, you are such an inspiration! I’ve been reading your blog for about 3 months or so, and I love all of it! You have such a way of putting the simplest (as well as intricate) items together to make something effortlessly chic.I had a quick question though. Is the fringey scarf in the 10th and 11th pictures from Urban Outfitters? Because I recently bought one just like it from there, and I can’t figure out how to wear it. How exactly did you wrap yours? Please help!

  14. >Wow! you and your boyfriend are quite the talent. Love the clothes.I just finished watching motocycle diaries last week 🙂

  15. >I thought I would check back in a bit to see if the other photos loaded, and they did, yay! So I had to again comment since I missed on some awesome outfits, I think the red skirt pik is one of my faves, everything just works so well, love the way your posed seriously it makes your legs look even better than usual!(You’ve kinda inspired me to stop becoming so damn lazy haha, I need me some toned legs) Props to Caldwell as well, because the lighting in all these piks is amazing!

  16. >you make me smile. if i was wandering around LA/SF and saw you on the streets, i would stop to applaud the fact there are people to whom style is more than just about trend, but rather about thought, proportion, and composition as well. you look amazing btw!

  17. >Dude, you totally need to update me. PS: I bought your shoes today. They were on sale. Haha, I had to sorry. You look so good in them all the damn time. And there’s a 70% sale at MJ right now. Go.

  18. >so glad to see a new post from you Rumi! wonderful outfits as always, your blog is easily one of the most inspiring style blogs out there (me thinks!). i noticed some icky comments last entry – obviously they should just stop visiting if they don’t like what they see, but i must say i don’tthink your style has ‘changed’ the way they mentioned; it’s very impressive how you experiment a lot but manage to keep everything still looking very ‘you’. the bangles are great 🙂

  19. >i’ve never understood why someone would take the time to read a blog only to complain about it and insult the blogger. I love this little photoshoot. I’m super jealous of your ability to almost always look amazing. I’m going to hope that mornings are hard for you like the rest of us ;), thats what the almost is for.I absolutely love the last picture, that simple white dress and headband look awesome together. I also really wish I had that fringe scarf. Where did you get it from?

  20. >Such pretty photos ! Especially the ones with lots of light in them. I loove that white dress, is it AA?

  21. >the backdrop of these photos are amazing!! Che Cafe?? C’mon, you can’t get any better than that haha.I really like the outfit with the white shoes & the one wiht the black stockings, tho they kinda almost boarder too short( something im quiteee guilty of myself wayy to often to say ‘oops’ anymore hahaha)I hope it was a success down in SD!!

  22. >Great set of photos, I especially love the first few with the graffiti backdrop! And the white dress at the end is fantastic!

  23. >hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyou are fantastic!!!a kiss for you, my dear friend!god bless u dearcan we exchange our linkr u ready to do?hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivocê é fantástico!um beijo para você, meu caro amigo!Deus te abençoe u Caropodemos trocar os nossos linkr u disposta a fazer?

  24. >Love the outfit in pics 10 + 11 – 12 reminds me a little too much of my sports uniform in high school (white tee + red skirt/shorts) but you totally rock it way better. Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  25. >Oh my god is that che cafe?! hahaha, I didn’t think you would visit UCSD, which is pretty much where I attend. 🙂 I love stopping by there, I was able to see the Softlightes perform which was great stuff.really liking all of the outfits, especially those that are more layered. (Just out of my own fancy)

  26. >yay you’re back!! and you look super cute. cool location. i can’t believe your cool your boyfriend is about it all too! lucky lady. and i wouldn’t worry about nasty comments – people only make comments that are intended to really cut you deep when they’re jealous/insecure, theres just no good reason to be rude about other people. i love your blog and hope you keep posting heaps!! love the white dress – uber babe 🙂 xxx

  27. >Firstly, your figure looks amazing in that white dress, only a handful of people would be able to pull of a dress like that in white, and you do it perfectly. Love the outfit with the red skirt, one of my favourites! Infact love all the looks once again. Also im going out now to buy white nailvarnish lol.

  28. >Hey Rumi, hope you had an amazing time away, missed your posts, was checking daily!I love the way you’ve mixed most of the items, my fav is probably the denim shorts with the waisted belt and scarf and the red mini and leather vest combo, something about it…love it! and i love that black mini considering buying one i spotted in F21…shipping costs hmmmAlso…thanks for introducing me to Tadashi, actually never heard of it /him before and i went on ebay and found this amazing black micro mini! i cant wait to receive it! yes kudos to your bf for taking such great photos with one knee!

  29. >Hi Rumi—Thanks for coming back-I think I speak for almost everyone when I say I love your style and that your blog is a part of the inspiration that I gather from magazines, the street, the net….I just wanted you to know that most people are fine with fewer posts now again—we know you have a life ….we miss you but…to be frank…if people are going crazy without you-then they are just that-crazy. And there is nothing you can really do about that. ;)Love and best thoughtsMegu

  30. >i just recently had to start monitoring my comments too. i think an anonymous was going around doing stupid shit. these outfits are stunning.

  31. >hello, i went to your store on ebay and i found that the clothes aren’t there. oh, i love your style and clothes. therefore i want some of yours. please tell me you’ll be adding more clothes to the store (:

  32. >WOW, you look AMAZING in the white dress. not many people look good in a tight white dress but that it just ridiculous. o_o how do you stay so toned?

  33. >Rumi- here is my blog it is the post called ´´the denim post´´ try to fix my profile.hope you dont mind.

  34. >I love the jean ensembleas well as that same scarf outfit without the jean jacket. Keep doing what you do. There will always be critics. Diva

  35. >aaahrg! Lovely! I LOVE the outfit with the red skirt and the striped shirt!! Though personally, like your bf, I’m not too fond of your rough bracelets and hippie headband. The white headband looks great though!

  36. >The beaches of southern california are really beautiful. I agree.As for the people who are saying mean comments…just remember when people have started to pick you apart thats when you know that you’re someone worth talking about. When’s the last time you ever heard someone criticizing Scott Baio? Who’s Scott Baio? Exactly my point.

  37. >Love your photo shoot. The pictures are amazing! You look great per usual! I say keep doing what your doing! If people are talking then you are definitely leaving your mark! I just love those studded bangles , see you’re gonna have me searching all the Loehmann’s in my tri state area! LOL

  38. >welcome back dearest rumi! you were greatly missed. a stunning array of photos that totally tantilized my syle taste buds!!! i love that aa dress and i have been wanting to get it but was afraid it would be too see through (as a lot of their stuff is.) so my question is (duh)….is it see through?

  39. >I’ve missed you! It’s a good thing you’re back, I really needed some og that Rumi magic that sometimes just makes my day!PS: Can we trade links? I’ve already added you 🙂

  40. >Anon: MJ is having their seasonal %70 shoe sale in store. 40% off rtw and accessories. Lots of resort season stuff too.Rumi, my favorite outfits are first, third, and last 🙂

  41. >Great to see you back online!You’re style is the best, don’t let anyone tell you different. I love your blog and visit daily. 🙂

  42. >Rumi Request: I wanna see how you work the Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress with boots!! Pleasee pleasee I’ll buy you soy lattes and special K with strawberries! HeheTart

  43. >you’re style is sooo amazing!! I am always so inspired by it! gosh…that sounded reallly corny! Love the first outfit and the one with the scarf!

  44. >You pull off that AA dress so well! Looks great on you. and I had a question about your ebay store. I was thinking about starting one and thought that maybe you could give me some extra advice 🙂 Ebay is so confusinggg!

  45. >hej , gjorde ett kort inlägg om dig i min blogg. är det okej . jag tar bort den gensat om du inte vill ha den där . kram:)

  46. >I love your blog AND you. I don’t do comment moderation because I’m lazy but if I do get a hateful or mean comment I just delete it. I’m so sorry people did that to you though! These pictures are SO inspiring to me right now. I love your white polish and I am absolutely OBSESSED with those white shoes. You HAVE to tell us where they are from! And the tan headband is that just a piece of suede you had or is it a real head band? It looks amazing.xoxoxoBostonistaPS: exchange blog links? 🙂

  47. >Great posts, Rumi! Just discovered your blog a couple weeks ago and read it religiously.Do you know if Balenciaga and LV bags etc. are cheaper in Europe?

  48. >Thank you everyone! As much fun as it was to cavort in LA, it’s so nice to be back at my computer. Okay that’s just really sad. Fashtidbits, they’re seriously like weapons, I kept on knocking them into things and making loud clanging sounds. Quite fun. And yes I have an amazing boyfriend, I’m very lucky!!Anon 9:09, yup it’s from Forever21, I have the pink version and this one. I like it as a tasseled necklace and as a headband, how do you wear it?Christine it’s RL, but I got it secondhand so I don’t know how much it would be..Justme,somekindoflove, and ragamala, the white dress is American Apparel’s double u-neck dress, the BEST DRESS EVER. I have it in black too, highly recommend.Anon 9:45, I think they’re men’s size small.Apricot, it’s still cold to me! California isn’t as warm as people assume it is…I’m definitely still in tights most nights. People really give you dirty looks, what assholes!!R you’re always so sweet, thank you :), sometimes if the photos don’t load you can right click and hit view image and they should show up!Paris Tarts love your comment, Iv’e never seen bands at Che, just frolicked in scanty clothing to take photos hah. Hope you’re enjoying your Aldos! They definitely made awesome shoes for my trip since they sort of go with everything.Sunflowersandfrench, thank you! The fringe scarf is actually vintage, it’s shaped like a triangle so I just drape it in front and bring the ends around again. If that makes sense. I’m so bad at logical thinking.LULU which MJs were on sale! Email me baaackAnon 1:01, thank youuu the nail polish is Milani, I don’t have the name handy because it’s at my boyfriend’s place, but it’s the only white one they sell. I love Milani!Neekoh, what a fun place to live! The friend I was staying with lives around there too :)Love to all the UCSDers! Miss that place. I think.Runawaygallery lol Scott Baio.Paris Tarts you made me smile, you’ve got my breakfast down pat! Haha, I’ll try.Sorry the store is empty right now, I’m working hard to get it stocked again, auctions should be posted on Monday. Yay!

  49. >Glad to hear you had good time on your trip!But, I missed your posts while you were gone. This one more than makes up for not posting for a few days.My favorite outfit is the one where your waering the red skirt, grey-ish scarf, white tee, vest, and super cute white heels. (:I was so close to buying that skirt. I really wish I would have now.

  50. >you are beautiful and are my #1 style guide. i check your page daily to get inspiration, i live for your outfit posts!! love the red skirt outfit. any people that were negative were probably just panicking because they didn’t know what to wear all week so had to stay inside everyday! i’ve just started a new blog and would love it if we could reciprocate links. x jessie

  51. >I love all of these outfits Rumi – This is absolutely you at your best!P.S. Thanks for the comment! I was so starstruck I actually yelped. Like, out loud. Is that embarrassing? Possibly…

  52. >Haha, my turn to add on to these 90 comments. All of these outfits are simple and utterly flawless. Your photos are always so cool! I love your aviators and wooden bangles, and that school girl blazer is lovely.

  53. >I KNOW WHERE THAT IS!!!! Guess that must mean I’m a future bioengineer…oh wait I am! Oh Che Che you haven’t ch-ch-changed a bit (sorry that was lame but had to be done). Later!

  54. >wait…what commotion is in reference?i’ve been gone for like a week and i’m totally in the rumi okay?xoxosonja

  55. >oh no i am the ultimate nerd for knowing where that is! have you ever been inside that place? i never had the guts to go in….but thank you, from one alum to another, you give tritons a good name! ahahahahah

  56. >I love your style! I just got the nine west gladiators! pretty hard to walk in after a while. Im definitely wearing them with the short black socks though this wkend! Where did you get the black shirt with the shoulder cutouts? so cute.

  57. >I love how Eazy-E is on the wall in some of your pics!!! The pics with your bad ass Bret Michaels headband!!!!

  58. >Love all the shots with the sunset in the background… as a street style photographer i must say: congratulations!

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