A bohemian Sunday

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Impromptu shoot by one of our favorite sunset spots. I love my photo-indulgent boyfriend. And yay for daylight savings!

Dress, vintage. Sweater, from Marshall’s. Belt, strap from a vintage clutch. Beyond easily runny tights, H&M. Heels, Nine West.

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  1. >Great photography with those sunset pics…Do you use a tripod to capture these moments or do you have your own personal photographer that follows you around? 😉

  2. >I agree with Casey. It looks like one of these kitschy photo love stories, but well we know that’s true and this makes it even more amazing! Loveley romantic outfit by the way =)Skye

  3. >lovely setting.. if I could manage to make my boyfriend dress more weather-appropriate maybe we could spend some romantic outdoors time too, lol. he is so anti-outerwear.I’m wearing the exact shade of nail polish, I love how it goes with everything by matching nothing!

  4. >The pictures make ur blog a dream to read!! I finally took the plunge and bought those Nine west shoes (in pewter) that you are wearing. Thanks for the inspiration!! I am not usually wonderful at walking in heels but the reviews got me. 😛

  5. >beautiful pictures and you look great buy god that is such an ugly sweater!!! why would you ruin such an outfit with it?! it reminds me of several very unfashionable girls i know – it really is tragic.

  6. >Hey ya! Came upon your website by chance and you have a great sense of style. Lovely photos. However, I was wondering, for the light cotton floral dresses ( which can be quite see through). Should I wear a slip underneath in the summer?

  7. >I just discovered your blog about 2 months ago & visit it just about every day. Your sense of style is AMAZING & it certainly doesn’t hurt that you have an awesome personality & great looks as well.Thanks!Oh, I love that sweater… especially w/ the dress & shoes! Unexpectedly perfect.

  8. >There is rarely an outfit from your collection that I dislike, but this one, I do. Not that it matters though.

  9. >Thank you so much for the lovely comments…Erika, haha you are the cutest, no marriage for me yet!!Adiel your comment made me laugh, picturing a random photographer following us around. We just put the camera on a self timer and stuck it on a wooden fence post…Alis, I know, I love this color because it’s just so annoying…to whoever asked about it before, the color is called Chihuahua Bites!Anon 12:58…maaaybe…. :PAnon 5:37, wellll I guess if you think it’s too see-thru a slip would be good?

  10. >Gorgous pictures! My boyfriend is a fan of pictures but unfortunately we’re confined to mirror pictures right now, hahaha. Ohh my boyfriend… hopefully in a few months the weather will be good enough. And the first and the last pictures are my favorites, and the one with the runny tights! =]

  11. >I thought the runny tights was actually just a pattern on the tights, looks right, adds to the bohemian theme. Great job again (although I’m starting to get sick of the nine west blue :P)

  12. >Such a great outfit 🙂 I love how you can put such different looks together!That last picture is really sweet of you and your boyfriend.I just discovered your blog and I’m having so much fun seeing the different outfits you’ve come up with. 🙂

  13. >Hey i really love the sweater that you’re wearing, really gives the rugged vibe that goes well in the pics. You and your boyfriend are so cute together! Hahaha great pictures!